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Our Crunchy Bites

Regret no more with irresistible crunchy & crispy bites!

Tom & Tang, the latest brand from P.L. Industries Pvt Ltd brings you the latest range of healthier baked not fried snacks to satisfy your urge for delicious snacks without the guilt. Tom & Tang has 13 different varieties of snack items that will leave you wanting for more.

Why Tom & Tang Snacks?

Tom and Tang is the portal to a world of healthier crunchy snacks in unique flavours and designs. We place equal focus on your taste buds, as well as on your health. What’s more, Tom & Tang is also easy on your pocket.

One Stop


Our range of healthy baked not fried snacks will satisfy your hunger pangs without giving you the fear of cholesterol or love handles around your waist.



We believe in using the latest technology to cook our snacks with minimal human touch, zero exposure to the environment and maximum taste.



Our products are priced very moderately in packets of Rs. 5/- and Rs. 10/-. You get all the goodness without leaving a bad taste in your pocket.

Multigrain Chips


With a crunch that comes without the effects of oil, Tom and Tang is perfect for kids and adults to stay fueled and focused while munching on the crunch.

Surprise Gifts

Free Gifts

We all love a happy open smile from our kids. We have packed surprise gifts that our kids would love. Each snack variety will have a different kid toy.



We are introducing 13 snack varieties at one go. Each snack variety will have desi & videshi flavours to satiate cravings from mid-morning to late night.


Become a Distributor

Tom & Tang is a distribution friendly brand that has robust processes and good incentives for the distribution channel.

Grab the chance to become a distributor of our new, exciting, healthy and crunchy snacks in the town.

Help us to make our snacks available to our customers and earn commission.
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